Dhhai Kilo Prem 21st September 2017 Written Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 21st September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Dhhai Kilo Prem 21st September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Deepu thinking to call Sarika. She calls her. Sarika thanks her for calling her. Deepu thanks her for being their friend and praises her. Sarika asks her not to praise her. Deepu tells her about the TV show dance jumke dance and tells auditions will start next time. Sarika says you want him to take part and tells that even she asked him to pursue dancing, but he refused and is scared to show his talent. Deepu asks her to ask him to dance. Sarika says he will not agree. Deepu says when he will come for dance. Sarika says in the evening, Deepu says ok, I will come then.

Guru maa works in Pankaj’s shop and keeps the rice bag. Pankaj says it seems you haven’t done this work before. Guru says he has not done mazdoori/labour work. Pankaj asks if this is mazdoori.

Guru says ok, it is not and asks him to check if the bags are kept right. Pankaj gives him money for a day’s work and says he is going out. Guru looks at the money earned with his hard work. He calls Sarika and tells her that he got life’s first earnings and asks her to come with him. Sarika asks which restaurant. Guru says he has just 100 rs and can make her have 4 pakodas. Sarika laughs and says they will go to Bittu chat centre and says bye.
Meghna looks at her books and is sad. Rahul comes and asks her to have food, so that she gets strength to write exam. Meghna asks him not to joke and tells that Pankaj will get angry now if she don’t write exams. Rahul says he went to college and showed them her reports, now she can take someone to write her exams. Meghna gets happy as Rahul says he will write exam. Rahul asks her to get ready and says I will search your hall ticket. Rukmini hears them and says she won’t let her reach.

Deepu comes to Sarika’s house and says thank god Piyush is not here. Sarika asks what is your idea? Deepu says she will take his video and send for auditions. Sarika says then he will know. Piyush comes there. Deepu tells him that she came to watch his dance. Piyush says he can’t dance infront of her and asks her to go. Deepu keeps her finger on her mouth and goes. Sarika plays the music. Deepu cheers for him aloud. Piyush gets upset. Sarika asks him to dance again and plays the music. Piyush dances. Sarika asks her to dance well and says you are dancing on the same song since 4 days. Piyush says he can’t dance properly. Deepu says I will leave and goes. Piyush closes the door. Sarika asks him to dance properly now. Deepu takes his video through the window while the song is played dil dhadakne do….Piyush dances well. Sarika says wow, you have danced well. Piyush touches her feet. Sarika says you are talented and gives him hi five. Deepu thinks your selection is sure…piyush ji. Rahul tells Meghna that hall ticket is missing. Meghna says may be exam is not written in my destiny and gets worried.

Guru calls his friend and tells that he will come in 30 mins after owner comes to take keys. Her pic falls down from his pocket. He bends down to pick her pic. Madhuri comes and says she came to take shop keys. Guru is surprised to see her and touches her feet. Madhuri asks him to give keys. Guru closes the shop and gives keys to Madhuri. Namrata says he is strange. Guru thinks to tell Maati that he is her Rishi. Madhuri goes inside her house and calls Tushar. She gives chocolates to Tushar, shampoo to Namrata and takes piyush and Meghna’s names as her kids. Guru hears her.

Madhuri comes out to check. Namrata also comes and says there is nobody here. Guru hides. He comes out and thinks Maati has a family and kids, she forgot me completely. I was struggling to live and you were here with your family, don’t care about my existence. He comes to meet Sarika. Sarika says she was waiting for him. Guru recalls seeing Madhuri and coming to know about her. He says today it is a new life for me. Sarika asks if everything is fine. Guru asks Sarika about Deepu’s family and says whenever I see them, I get happy being an orphan. Sarika praises Madhuri and says she is world’s best saas and mother, and says she loves her elder son Piyush a lot. Guru gets upset and goes. Sarika asks what happened to him.

Piyush comes to Deepu and says Madhuri brought chips for him. He asks her to eat it. Deepu refuses and says she is not having anything since 6 hours so that result comes good. Piyush asks result is for which exam. Deepu says she will not tell him till result comes tomorrow. Piyush asks her to tell. Deepu is about to tell. Piyush asks her not to tell and break her mannat and blesses her. Deepu is hopeful and thinks he will get selected in the audition and she will have food only after his selection.

Deepu tells Piyush that he got selected in the audition. Pankaj taunts on Piyush’s weight. Piyush says if he can’t dance as Piyush Pankaj Sharma then its ok, he will dance as Piyush Sharma. Pankaj looks on.

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