Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th September 2017 Written Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Dhhai Kilo Prem 18th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Piyush coming to room and feels perfume smell. He thinks if Deepika went out somewhere. Deepu steps in room and dances on the sensual song kaate nahi katti …I love you…Piyush is surprised. She pushes him on bed and is about to get romantic. Piyush sneezes. Deepika scolds him for sneezing. Piyush says I am thankful to God. Deepu says what would have happen. She says our scores are equal now. She says there is no scope of anger in friendship. Piyush says there is no scope of romance too. Deepu says Amit said right that you are that, and Sarika came to know about this and that’s why you gave her promise. Piyush says Amit is dosh drohi and gets angry on him. He says I don’t want to sing romantic song with you and asks her to keep her sridevi inside her. Deepu gets

Rukmini is going to temple. Neighbor asks where is she going? Rukmini says she is going to pray for Rahul. She thinks Meghna will die soon. Rahul calls Rukmini and asks where is her almari keys, as his passport and Adhhar card are there. Rukmini asks why did you come home and asks him to leave immediately. Rahul says Meghna is making tea, he will leave after drinking it. Rukmini drops the aarti plate and runs towards home. Rahul tries to get romantic. Meghna pushes him and says they are getting late. Meghna is about to light the match stick. Rukmini comes and stops her. She accuses meghna for trying to kill Rahul and says she will make tea. She opens the windows.

Piyush is sleeping. He sees Amit, Tushar, Kunal and Deepu are searching his stuff. He asks what they are doing. Tushar says they are checking his stuff. Deepu says they have raided his room. Piyush asks where is the warrant and says he will file case against them. Kunal says he will arrest her on the charges of betraying wife, and says you called Sarika many times. Deepu says there are many songs in the laptop. Piyush says he is going to take bath. Kunal says don’t know what is happening.

Sarika thanks Guru for helping Deepu and says atleast she came to know that there is nothing between piyush and me. Guru says he helped Deepu as she is a love bird. He tells that he helped her, but will steal a shop. Sarika scolds him and asks him to do hardwork and earn money. She says she was happy that he is changing for better. Guru gets moved and promises to change.

Piyush is leaving. Deepu gives him tiffin. He says he don’t need it as he is going for meeting. Deepu asks with whom he is going to meet. Piyush goes without answering. Amit and Tushar ask Kunal how he will find out. Kunal tells Deepu that he has an idea to catch him. Deepu goes to piyush at the dhaba and asks him to have food. Piyush says ok and have food. Deepu sits there. He makes her have it with her hand. Music plays…Piyush says to tell you the truth, you are really good, and I like you as a friend. He says our dinner is pending, and that’s why I will take you on dinner today and nobody can disturb us. Deepu nods her head. She puts the spy camera pen in his bag’s pocket. Piyush says food is really good. Deepu smiles. Piyush asks her not to make the love birds fly.

Deepu says it will fly from your side. Piyush thanks her and goes to wash hands. Deepu says you are welcome. She calls Kunal and asks if the signal is coming. Kunal says yes. Piyush tells Deepu if she wants then he can drop her. Deepu says she will go. He goes. Deepu sits on the chair and tells that she can’t see anything. Just then camera comes. Piyush meets a client and sells the policy. Deepu says today she will have triple cheese pizza and congratulates him. Kunal asks her to concentrate on work rather than showering love on him. Piyush gets a call and tells that he is going for meeting now. Deepu thinks he just had meeting. Tushar says he is lying. Kunal says he will be caught now. Deepu sees Piyush going to Sarika’s house and tells Kunal. Kunal is shocked.

Piyush comes to meet Sarika and throws his bag on the bed. Deepu is shocked and comes there. She sees Piyush with changed clothes and asks Sarika to leave as she wants to talk to him alone.

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